My Formula One History 2

Now let’s discuss the food. It seems like every venue has it’s specialty. Some of them have stacks of food splashed with flavors that you can hardly imagine. Now, those of you on diets better bring a snack because I know that these favorites can’t be calorie friendly. It is crazy some of the things you see at a race. The basics like hotdogs and burgers are great. I have rarely had a burger or dog that I prefer to some of the ones that I have gotten on race day. Now remember that it is not always the case. I would not go out on a limb to say that I have never had a bad meal at the races but I will say it happens a whole lot less often than at your everyday restaurant. I love a good cold beer and a large order of chili chees fries. especially when it is from a vendor that makes their own spicy home made style chili with chunky meat in it. Delicious!

That doesn’t even break the Ice on the specialty meals I have had when visiting one of these events. What you must remember is that every City has restaurants that put out specials when the races are in town. Many of them are local cuisine that you will not find anywhere else and are not likely to find it there other than when the races are in town. I always seem to come across some of the best local dishes… They are always from little known but highly talented local chefs that are always on display around the time of the races. I mean for days you can walk around the city and find race specials to try. I recommend as well this to anyone that has never experienced it. Even if you are not into the races you will find new chefs and restaurants that you will love.

Now that we have talked about all of those other things let’s talk about what draws us to the races, The car and driver. It is like the perfect combination of man and machine. When they fire those things up and the whole place starts to rumble you are not alive if your heart doesn’t skip a beat. These drivers are putting their life on the line to entertain us but there is more to it than that. They absolutely love what they are doing and even though they know there is danger involved, they do it anyway. These guys are great. They are always happy to shake a hand or smile for a camera. Many times my favorites have met with me personally to thank me just for being a fan. You just can’t beat that!

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