My Formula One History 1

The idea of Formula one had been discussed many times around the 1920s and 1930s but when World War Two occurred, there was no time for thoughts like these. After World War Two in the mid 1940s, the idea came back to life and by 1950 the first World Championship for Formula One happened at Silverstone. There were many races (that were non-championship) that occured between the 1950s and the the 1980s. In 1951 Juan Manuel Fangio won the Formula One Championship and went on to win four more with all different manufacturers. Almost every car in Formula One was constructed by one of the manufacturers before World War Two, this included Ferrari’s, Mercedes Benz’s, and Maserati’s. Drivers from all over the Nation would come to race in the Formula One Championships and even in the non-champinship races.

When I was a child I was lucky enough to live in a Formula One friendly area. I had great parents who loved the sport and could not get enough. They taught me the basics at an early age and before long I was as much a fan as they were. I got to go see my first race when I was 12 years old. It would be the first of many and it was amazing. I can’t even begin to describe an accurate picture. I will try to paint a picture for you but it will pale in comparison to the actual experience. To those of you who have never been to a race, I recommend it very much. The hustle and bustle of the event is really something else entirely. There is a whole little economy at work which I might add is very good for the actual economy too.

The first thing I would like to mention is the noise. You will never feel a noise like it anywhere else. Notice I said feel a noise like it because you do not just hear this type of noise. It is an ever encompassing, rumble that surrounds you. It wraps you in its embrace until you feel right at home and comfortable with it all. The next thing we need to discuss are the fans. I mean these people are some of the best there are. Remember that every fan has their favorite driver but no matter which driver you consider your own there is always such a great sense of community. I don’t think I ever saw an actual fight in all my years. Now I understand that there are isolated incidences but on the whole, everyone there feels a sense of responsibility for the guy next to them. We are all like a family and it seems like you care for the next guy as much as he cares for you.

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